10 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to dress it up. Wether your a kid, teenager or and adult your never to old to dress up! Yes, even you Grandpa can dress up.


Here are some inspirational Halloween costumes for you:


1) The flapper dress, with its delicate feather head piece and lovely fringed dress, everyone will recognize you’re from the roaring twenties.


sexy-silver-flapper-costume mw-202624-1 mw-112521-1 mw-111047-1



2) Being a princess is a dream from any girl, and now your dreams can come true. Why don’t you become someone special on Halloween and dress up like a princess like Marie Antoinette, a Star Wars princess, Slave princess or a dream princess?

Screenshot 2014-10-30 12.19.34

source: vogue

104486-prinzessin-isolde-princess-medieval-gown-blue-mittelalter-kleid-blau mw-110434-1 womens-snow-white-costume adult-courageous-forest-princess-costume 110080-prinzessin-amidala-kostuem-princess-amidala-jumpsuit 300146-griechische-prinzessin-kostuem-slave-princess-costume mw-112113-1


3) Why not go back to the basics and  dress up as a super hero? Wonder Woman, Super Woman, Black Widow, Robin Hood,  Bat Girl, She-Ra, Green Lantern  or Cat Woman are great characters to dress up as.

aq_resizer avengers-replica-black-widow-costumemw-101966-1robin-girl-sexy-costume mw-112577-1 mw-112323-1 110227-sexy-superhero-supergirl-kleid-sexy-superhero-supergirl-dress mw-116508-1


4) Dressing up as your favorite movie actress or Character is always a good idea. Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn hit the stop of the list but also Grace Kelly, Dorothy from the wizard of Oz, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Hollywood Honey, Effie Trinket, Mrs. Flintstone, Madonna, or Katie Perry are great costumes. And for the men James Bond, Indiana Jones or Doc from Back to the Future are great costumes too.


marilyn-monroe-costume-dress 201599-sexy-dorothy-romantic-sexy-dorothy-romantisch dorothy-long-dress-costume womens-chaperone-costume adult-deluxe-wilma-flintstone-costumeplus-size-exclusive-deluxe-sequin-hollywood-singer-costume adult-katy-perry-candy-girl-costume womens-midnight-huntress-costume 80s-party-girl-costume adult-80s-pop-diva-costume



5) Sailor Girls are always an awesome halloween costume. Here are a few examples:

womens-ship-mate-costume sailor-pin-up-costume navy-pin-up-sailor-costume sexy-sailor-costume sexy-on-deck-darling-sailor-costume

6) The 50’s are rolling in for Halloween…


nifty-50s-costume grease-plus-size-pink-ladies-jacket retro-stewardess-costume adult-sock-hop-costume grease-pink-ladies-jacket womens-car-hop-girl-costume 1950s-sweetheart-dress bad-sandy-jacket adult-satin-pink-ladies-jacket


7)  Arg, Pirates  on board!

adult-sexy-vixen-pirate-costume prestige-womens-angelica-costume burgundy-pirate-wench-costume sexy-swashbuckler-captain-costume tavern-maiden-costume sexy-spanish-pirate-costume


8) Cowboys and Indians, always a great match.

sexy-pow-wow-indian-costume native-american-maiden-costume sexy-tribal-native-costume adult-rhinestone-cowgirl-costume round-em-up-cowgirl-costume burlesque-dancer-costume



9) And what would we do without the classics?! Vampires, Devils, PlayBoy Bunnies, Angels, Fairies and Witches are a must.

gothic-fairy-costume adult-sexy-witch-costume haute-hare-bunny-costume versailles-vampiress-costume sexy-leopard-costume adult-divine-angel-costumedeluxe-monster-bride-costume zombie-cheerleader-costume tinkerbell-fairy-costumeplus-gothic-devil-costume red-hot-devil-costume



10) And whats halloween without a little scare? Here for those who want to make the night a bit more spooky.


womens-voodoo-doll-costume spooky-angel-costume adult-broken-doll-costume adult-gothic-mummy-costume sexy-dark-alice-costume










Wondering where to look? Here are some websites where you can get costumes:








Hope this helped and have a a spooky Halloween!



Summer Fashions:

1)Sheers are amazing, breezy and fashionable. The airy material is the perfect way to show of your chic features.





3)Like I said before, pastel colors are the most suitable and in colors for the summer season.







4)Leather or fake leather jackets or aka biker jackets, are a perfect last touch for any outfit you might wear in the summer:


source: pimkie







5)Flowers, Flowers,Flowers everywhere. This summer florals hit the stage light, you see them on shirts, skirts, dress, bikinis and even hats. Of  course they are way in for the summer season:


source: shopstyle








source: H&M







6)And of course the crop tops, made it on our list of Summer Fashion Trends. Chic, different and short: perfect for the summer heat:

44659.0.browse-l 26719.0.browse-l 37503.0.browse-l 46335.0.browse-l 46670.0.browse-l 45744.0.browse-l


source: nastygal


Hope you liked this article. Until next time 🙂

Model Moms:

Finally, I have come off from vacation and can write on my blog again. Of course I’ll tell you all about my trip, but in a later post.


As the title says, this post is about the Models who have kids, I’ll be presenting some photos of them and their names.

1) The lovely Alessandra Ambrosio with her sweet little girl, taking summer Vacation to a whole next level *0*. Ambrosio  is a Brazilian at heart and even was one of the judges of Heid’s Klums Germany’s Next TopModel show!




2) The beautiful Doutzen Kroes with her adorable son. A dutch lady, who became a Victoria Secret angel in 2008.



3) Gisele Bündchen, another gorgeous brazilian model, but with German ancestors. She starred in some movies including Taxi as a side role.



4) The British model with her daughter having vacation. Discovered at age 14 she has become one of the most famous models worldwide.





Hope you liked this, E

London Calling: Victoria’s Secret-Show 2014 in London

The most famous lingerie Label of the world is coming to London!

After three years in New York, Victoria’s Secret is finally coming to London.  The show is taking place at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, on December 2nd 2014. Thats what both models,Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima had said at the press conference. Victoria’s Secret is celebrating the Premiere there too. It has been confirmed that the Dress-Code will be ‘Black Tie’, and it’ll be the biggest audience yet, of 3.000 guests- in the past it has only been around 1.000. The models are all excited about the location change,”Very exciting”, said Candice Swanepoel,”The British are different- it will be an amazing Show.” Well, I can’t wait to see how the Show will turn up to be. December 2nd here we come…Gosh its only April, 6 months to go.


1964782_267842473387675_2994544147985697330_n 1979582_10152401472734090_2982652109800309995_n 1610024_688439007865070_3546350666960657421_n 1939498_10152401472579090_5192883229562201726_n 10150674_439571689512110_1996747228723258292_n


Greetings, E


Source: Vogue.de and Facebook






Ever wanted to have a real nice healthy dinner but didn’t know what to cook? Well Kochhaus might be the right place/thing for you! Plus when traveling to Berlin this place is a wonderful place to visit! It’s at Schönhauser Allee( if you would like more details contact me) .
The concept of Kochhaus is that when you go inside you see a few stands with lots of vegetables, fruits and objects to use for making food. When you get a bite closer you see a recipe on each stand, that’s when you choose your favorite recipe and to your connivence there’s already ALL the ingredients needed for the recipe ate up. Instead of going through the whole supermarket to find those few ingredients for that one recipe it’s all right there in front of you,at Kochhaus! Is that awesome or what?!







Meet Model Sui He:

The Trenchcoat:

-Sui He was born in 1989 in Wenzhou, six hours from Beijing. In 2006 she won a  Chinese modeling contests, opening the doors to her modeling career. A couple years later in 2011, she became the first Asian model to open a Ralph Lauren show. Since then she has become the first Asian global spokesperson for Shiseido, and was recently a guest judge on China’s Next Top Model. And now Sui He is featuring one of H&M’s  2014 collections! Look at her awesome outfit and of course her beautiful self:


“I think H&M is so stylish I shop there all the time”~Sui He

BtJyoJBYJElbve-Pv_1s2kSLNgJ0VfYG8m21lv5u_wI _QSXL0ROlpnwdr47qF438Q_TpctMsfbNHy33ep3WNOk D_qBPg0OXBxnuz8xIZFNiHiwt9pHP6RbpH-WOliJQ0M

Sui He’s favorite outfit from the newest H&M collection is the, beige double-breasted trenchcoat in draped fabric. With a small stand-up collar and removable tie belt, side pockets, and yoke with box pleat at back. Perfect for an outing with either boyfriend or friends at the Café nearby or just a quick visit to your Granny.

Also watch the Interview of Sui He

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E27ylWcjwl8

Happy shopping!~E

Source: http://www.hm.com/us/the-new-icons#path=1.1.3&transition=10&duration=500

Spring Shoes! Gotta have ’em


I found these awesome and really cute shoes at the shoe shop near my home! What do you guys think, are they cute or are they cute? Especially for the, lets hope, warm weather coming up for Spring and Summer. Aren’t these shoes just perfect to go to the beach or go to a luncheon with your besties, who am I kidding they are perfect for any occasion (well okay I admit it, not for Formal wear, but still). I love ’em and for only 15 Euros (about 23.00$)!

Spring/Summer/Sun here we come!~E

Rihannas Birthday and her Photoshoot:

Rihanna celebrates her Birthday in a lovely unknown location near the snow. 


It was Rihanna’s 26th Birthday two days ago and instead of relaxing she, she had a full-on photo shoot, with her bikini (in a hot tub !), clad bod, goggles, leather mittens, a teacup, and a cigarillo. Awesome! 


Here is her first photo with her and a Birthday cake. Then she had another photo taken with a second Birthday cake, because what, like did you really think she would only get one birthday cake?



“Welcome to Aspen”


Playing in the snow…






Happy (late) Birthday Riri!

Photo of the Week:


This is an interesting photo… I really like how the lighting is set up (great style Photographer) and those colors that somehow match the setting perfectly. Also, I like how they girls are ‘placed’, those poses make them seem like stiff dolls, with no expression on their faces-awesome, new and eye-catching.

OMG, I’m in love with their hairstyle! I really would love to wear the same hairstyle as them, although in the everyday life it would look really weird to people and it would be hard for me to move my head around (all that thick hair, on top of a head-heavy) 😉 Plus, it does look a bite like she is caring a globe ball on her head-funny*chuckle* Not? Let’s finish off with that this photo deserves the title: Photo of the Week. And since many people liked the last Photo of the Week:http:https://elenabreeze.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/photo-of-the-week-5/, I am hoping that you guys will like this one just was much 😀


Which one do you like best?

I’m still overly obsessed about Inslee by design. So just to have a random post of her awesome drawings, here is a contest.

Which of these two, do you guys like the best?

1) The chic and elegant lady?Image 

2) Or the perky and outgoing girl?


Choose your favorite: For Number 1, like this post, and for number 2 comment saying ” I love it”.

Happy Voting~ E